When it comes to tattoos, Dr. Woo of Shamrock Social Club likes to keep things simple and minimal. That’s not to say his tattoos are basic; in fact they’re anything but. Full of texture and intricate details, Dr. Woo’s tattoos are as much art as they are anything else. He got his start after getting countless tattoos from legendary tattooist Mark Mahoney, and it was under his tutelage that he developed his skills and now, nearly a decade later, Dr. Woo is a renowned tattoo artist in his own right. His essentials reflect who he is and include well-made, classic pieces like a Saint Laurent leather biker jacket, broken-in jeans, a Goyard wallet, a well-aged hat, and some slick NIKEiD Flyknits. In addition to his clothing, he also includes the things that inspire him and keep him grounded, like his first tattoo machine and Hippo, his son’s favorite stuffed toy. Check out the video now and stay tuned for our next Essentials.


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