Austyn Gillette – ‘Chat’… I see what you guys are doing here, I’ve seen the business model, it’s pretty low overheads.

Andrew Allen – I mean, it’s classic engineering though, German engineering. Kraut engineering. The krauts. 
The pillars of the magazine are just to have a really ‘chat’ idea, gone big. That’s the plan right? Shit, but make it big.

Ever see that South Park about the worlds biggest poop
Yeah and it ends up being Bono.


Yeah Bono ‘is’ the biggest piece of shit. That’s kinda what the magazine is.
You wrote down questions?

Yeah I kinda just needed to remember some stuff. How’s the bod feelin man?

Oh it’s good. At 100 again, or like 95. Never really at 100.

Two times a week. Two to three times a week.

How much do you skate?
Pretty much every day, Grant’s got me working hard. It’s kinda weird; I’m a full-blown skate nerd again.


That’s good though, got a new board sponsor. Skating for the Wknd. Are you guys working on a project or something
Yeah, that’s happening, I just don’t know when. Maybe December or November. We got time. Mainly just been hanging out in the streets with some buds. Lookin’ at spots, sitting in the van all day. Just looking at that Uber app, seeing which one’s gonna pick me up, to save my life from that depression. Then I leave the van and they go out to eat and do something fun. Happens sometimes. It’s great though, it’s a team.

You’re from Southern California?
Mmmhmm. Born in Whittier, lived in Whittier till I was 10, and then moved to La Habra, Jeremy Wray territory, for three years. Then moved to Brea for four years. Everybody thinks I’m from Brea, but they’re all close towns. But it’s all got a stigma.



Liberty board shop stigma?
They had a good reputation, great reputation.

They had the best in the biz on the team. James Craig and Danny Garcia.

Stefan, Devine Calloway.

Do you live with Danny Garcia?
Ah, he was living we me for a little bit. Cause I got a house out here (LA) a little bit ago and he decided to move out of his place back in Orange County, so he moved into the house for a little bit.

What’s that like? You ever get him out there skating?
Oh yeah, we get him on there on the D. It’s not often. He’s a secret assassin. He likes to go to the park early in the morning on the hush, he tells you he had a good time and then you hear from somebody else that he was ripping.

Yeah, he was doin’ three flip noseslides and shit.
Yeah, doin’ what he used to be doin’.


Halfcab Flip

He’s one of my favourite skaters ever. It’s kinda crazy that someone like that can make the transition from being such a gnarly skater to full time musician. Is that something you’ve thought about yourself?
Music’s just a hobby for the time being. It’d be cool to get to the point where you could travel and float. I just do it for fun, but if that eventually happened, I’d let nature take its course. I like getting my hands dirty though, I’ll probably end up in manual labor or be a painter, something really simple.

Dog walker?
No, I don’t like leashes; on a dog, on a human. You seen those ones they put on kids at the airport.

Yeah but I feel like those kids must be real bad.
That’s what the parents make it seem like though. If a guys walking through security with a muzzle on his face, you’re gonna think he’s fuckin’ Hannibal Lector.

You remember those things back in the day that were like fake cat leashes, where it’d be like a stick with this almost like Huarache sandal casing that people would walk around with, but there’d actually be no animal?
I saw a photo of that on a train. I think it was a meme or something. It was probably in Japan and there was just a lady with a leash attached to one sandal and the meme said something real basic like “fuck it, sometimes you gotta walk your sandal”. Nice little 3-second chuckle. That’s pretty much everything nowadays.

So, what is Chat for Austyn.
You guys have probably listed off everything.

This is personal. 
Taxes are chat. Getting stood up’s chat.


S/S Flip

We haven’t heard that one yet.
Girls are pretty fuckin’ chat most of the time. Guys are chat, we’re all chat and it’s an honor I think. It’s not derogatory in any way, right? Everybody’s asking what it is. I think it’s everywhere. I’ve gotten more questions about ‘chat’ then anything else. They don’t even ask how you’re doing. “What is this ‘chat’ thing”.. You’re fuckin chat, your face is chat, my face sucks too. What else is ‘chat’, customs is pretty chat. You wanna help out?

Terrorism is chat. Extremists are chat as fuck.

Extremely chat.
Picking up dog shit is pretty chat.

I did that this morning, before you came over. Didn’t want anybody stepping in any land mines you know..
That’s honorable. Celibacy is chat. Erectile dysfunction is chat. IBS is chat. Whiskey dick is fucking chat. You know what’s really chat too, you know the toothbrushes strength, soft, medium and hard? Medium and hard, those two = chat. I accidentally purchased one recently, medium in the soft section, didn’t look, and had the medium one just grinding the gums. The earth is flat, that whole theory is chat. It just got brought up again. Some rapper probably said it and people got on board. He’s got a lot of people thinking that the earth is flat, again.

The earth is flat, it’s chat.  



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