Monica Rose is credited as the styling savant behind the carefully-curated looks of the Kardashians, Jenners, Hadids and Chrissy Teigen (“we really took it to the next level during her recent pregnancy”). Yes, that’s basically all of the hottest models on the planet. The Kardashians can take credit for discovering her and helping her develop a celebrity client base. But which Kardashian can take credit for Rose’s rise? It all began with Kim, explains the mega-watt stylist. “I met Kim on a shoot back in 2007,” Rose explains. “We reconnected a year later when she was working on season one [or two] of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and she introduced me to her family. People don’t realize that I have been working with the family for a long time now.”

Rose first had her brush with fashion at five years old when she would organize her mother’s closet. She was, self-admittedly, a control freak and her biggest pet peeve was wire hangers. “I made her change all her hangers to the same color,” she admits. She took this sense of authority to new extremes when she could call her friends the night before school and tell them what to wear the following day. “If they didn’t wear what I suggested, I would get upset and not speak to them for the entire day,” she recalls. “It would really upset me because I just wanted them to look good and be put together. My friends’ parents would get upset with me because I would cut their jeans to give them a cooler, edgier look. I was not a normal child. Let’s just say school was not my thing!”


Today, the longtime L.A.-based stylist juggles her demanding career with family: she has two children (Alaia Rose and Salvador Lukas) with her partner, former professional skater Sal Barbier. “People don’t know how hard it is to get the wardrobe together for clients. The literal act of styling is only 30 percent of the job. There is so much preparation that is required beforehand. There is no room for error.”

Expanding upon her celebrated style sensibility, Rose is now stepping out from behind the scenes with the launch of her first eponymous jewelry collection, produced in collaboration with Los Angeles-based brand, Sarah Chloe. The brand’s founder Zahava Reismin reached out to Rose to see if she was interested in working on a special project. Having worked with the brand on behalf of her clients in the past, Rose gladly took the meeting. “When she approached me to do the collaboration, it felt organic and I was ready to transition into this creative venture.” What resulted is a 28 piece collection (priced mainly under $1,000) of gold, silver and diamond necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets that are minimal in their aesthetic but easily layered and paired with other baubles. As a child of the 1990s, Rose was inspired by the decade but wanted to add a modern twist to her designs. “That’s where all the piercing elements come from,” she explains of her jewelry. “But, ultimately, the designs ended up minimal because I feel that it’s a true reflection of my style and aesthetic.”

It’s an aesthetic that has worked to hone her clients’ personal brands as they’ve evolved throughout the years. Now, the tables have turned in the evolution of Rose’s own brand, which finds its own spotlight through the Monica Rose x Sarah Chloe line.



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